Terms & Conditions

This user agreement also known as “the Agreement” outlines all terms and conditions of the use of the services provided by us to our registered users also known as “Client”. This will include access to client’s personal payment and account operations that are performed through our located at https://www.zexo.io

When using our services, you the client confirm having read this Agreement, understanding its entire meaning and accepting this Agreement in its entirety.

Use of Our Website

Our website, which includes all web pages, content, images, text, graphics, sounds, design, and any additional information or data or that is contained therein is provided only for informational purposes. You have permission to view and print any web page from our website for personal non-commercial and informational use, but may not reproduce, modify, copy, collect, catalogue or republish any of our website content without our consent.

You agree to only using any information provided on our website with regard to any investment solely for non-commercial and personal use. You also agree to not selling, transferring, distributing, disposing of or otherwise sharing any information from our website in any manner. You agree not to allow any such information to be utilized by or for the benefit of any other persons or entities. The website content is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or in any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

Your Responsibilities

1. You will be responsible for managing the confidentiality of all login information that is associated with your account.
2. You agree that you won’t access or attempt to access our website via any kind of unethical, automated, or unconventional methods.
3. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any disruptive activity that could interfere with the functionality of our web pages.
4. It is strictly prohibited to make any attempt at copying, duplicating, reproducing or selling any content on our website.
5. We may be listed on numerous investment websites, forums, blogs, and/or monitors. In the event that you should post any information about us in any one of those communication tools, you hereby agree not to distribute content that could be considered threatening, defamatory, illegal, harassing, abusive, nor anything that could infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks, nor will it contain any sort of impersonation of any person, nor any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising.


We occasionally utilize cookies for the purpose of providing better service to our clients. These are small bits of information that our website may be storing on your computer, so that it can be retrieved by the browser at a later date. No other website other than the website that originally set the cookies can read it. We use cookies for numerous administrative purposes. For example, they allow us to store information that have already provided to us to ensure that we do not have to ask you for it again.

They also give us the ability of measuring the parts of our website that members and other users prefer seeing, as well as which segments are less popular. Most cookies will only last through a single visit or session. None of them would ever contain any information that could allow anyone to contact you via mail, telephone, or e-mail. If you prefer, you have the ability of setting up your web browser so that it advises you whenever cookies are set or preventing cookies altogether.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

Our website is owned, controlled and copyright protected. All other trade names, service marks or trademarks that we refer to on our website remain the property of those individual respective owners.

Seeking Personal Advice

Our website is for general illustrative and informational purposes only. It is recommended that you seek personalized advice from a qualified professional before you make any investment. All of our services and products will be subject to all terms and conditions of those agreements that govern their use.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

This Agreement may be modified or added to by our company in its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice.

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